Astral Lariat

Astral Lariat is the exciting new dystopian youth novel written by Elizabeth Jobling.

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It’s 2038. She’s on a quest to save humanity. Citalali knows how to use the time space continuum to protect herself and the future of her society.

About the Author

Elizabeth Jobling

Elizabeth Jobling has long been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi writing. From the original classics of Tolkien and Wells to the modern classics of Grant and Naylor, she has found great joy and excitement in the storytelling of fictional character development, both serious and comedy.

As an educator of 20 years, Lizzie understands the importance of literacy for young adults along with the development of their minds from creative writing. With this passion, she is now creating a series of novels to energise young people with relatable characters and fascinating plots to captivate their minds.