Five Action Plan

You’ve probably had your website from the start of your business venture, maybe set one up when the Web took off and you knew it was important.

But when was the last time you updated it? Is all the information still accurate? Is it even helping you gain more customers? Are you a bit too embarrassed to even tell people about it?

Stop putting it off!

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It’s not just about your website

The Web has changed a lot over the past 20 years, especially over the past decade with social media taking over. It’s the power of user-generated content.

Your website might just be a formality to your business operations now, simply directing people to an email generation form or telephone number after providing some samples of your service.

Depending on your market, you really should be questioning which (if any) social channels work for you.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are the hot networks everyone is talking about (and on) but Linke innd Pinterest also offer unique opportunities for certain brands and industries.

Book your Five Action Plan now!