The Bull Furnace End

With the new management and brand new direction, Unstyled were asked to take control of the online presence for The Bull Furnace End.

As a pub restaurant on the borders of Warwickshire, it has established itself in the region as a high-end establishment, offering top quality food by Michellin star chefs in a beautiful setting. It is rich in heritage and personality so, when asked to assist them with their website, we were honoured.

Our initial project was to take ownership of the existing website and connected social channels on Facebook and Twitter. This allowed the new management to refine the content based on their new direction and engage with their clients on a personal level.

Going forward, we will be working closely with the team to ensure they maximise their website and social engagement to build on their (already) impressive profile.



At the start of the year, many people decide to go on a diet and detox to lose those extra pounds from the festive food.

To help people monitor their weight loss, we built a little app called Waistaway.

It’s a very primitive tool adopting the KISS principle but it does the job. You have the ability to store your weight updates and food intake through a mobile friendly web interface.

Unlike most diet monitoring apps, Waistaway is completely free. There are no hidden costs at all. Just sign up and that’s it. You’re in.

It’s in very early stages and likely to change rapidly over the year, designed to user’s needs. We’ve rolled out a beta to a small focus group who will feedback regularly.


Hart & Harvey

We recently completed a complete redesign and restructure of the Hart & Harvey Photography website.

Among many elements of the project, we focused on the information architecture, a refined user experience across multiple devices (also supporting mobile and tablet with a responsive user interface) and allow for easier content management from the backend.

Over the last few years, Hart & Harvey have made good use of Facebook by engaging with their customers on a personal basis. We were keen to utilise this into the website to give the guys some authority from the shining testimonials of previous clients. Without detracting from the products and services too much, the social element was key to move the website forward so we incorporated the Facebook Comments module into their blog allowing for tighter integration and engagement.

SEO was also very important to the website as wedding photography in the Midlands is highly competitive. On the previous website, we trialled a method highlighting some of the venues they have worked at. This offered several channels to generating leads, from search engine referrals but also discoverable content for potential customers looking at other venues in the area. By incorporating sample photography and Google Maps, it improves the user experience in multiple ways.

The redesigned website has been live for a few months now and has seen a huge increase in conversion for new leads, as well as received good feedback from customers at wedding fairs when informed of the mobile support.

A shining example of the value in responsive, user-focussed redesigns.